What is the Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

This is a totally drug free program for both men and women to get rid of the herpes infection. Drugs only build up toxins in the body, so they are very discouraged. They also cause side effects in many people.

This program does not support creams or antivirals. Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a completely natural program. This method treats all types of herpes naturally, all from your home.


Melanie Addington created this program because of her own experience with herpes. This natural remedy to treat herpes was developed by Melanie Addington.

Her own personal experience with this infection resulted in searching for, and discovering a cure. She began by looking for a medical remedy that was permanent.

Without finding success there, she thought treating the whole person would be more effective. She took the mental and social characteristics of a person as a factor, rather than just the physical symptoms of the herpes.

She tried many methods, and experimented often with her own infection. Finally, she got it down to one formula with outstanding results. Melanie is not in the medical profession, but received help from her father who is a doctor.

Melanie discovered that by using specific natural herbs, and adjusting your diet, would help restore your body's natural balance. This process will increase the immune system, and get rid of herpes for good.

Melanie's guide will tell of her own personal search for this cure. Her story will share the painful and long road she took to help herself and others who suffer like she did.

Her treatment system is unique in that it gives hope to herpes sufferers for a cure to their pain. She has split the system into three phases. When you've completed them- the virus will be gone for good.

What causes the herpes virus?

When fighting this infection, you should understand it. There are two types of herpes- herpes simplex type 1, and herpes simplex type 2. Both of these types affect the mouth or genitals.

Herpes type 1 traditionally has been associated with a mouth infection, while type 2 is associated with the genitals.Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease.

This form affects the cervix, genitals, as well as other parts of the body's skin. Herpes is a chronic, meaning long-term, condition. It is a very contagious disease. It is passed from person to person by close and direct contact.

How the program works.

The first phase of the system introduces methods to use that will boost your immune system. Contracting the herpes virus indicates your immune system was not strong enough to fight the infection.

There are a lot of other infections that can take advantage of a weakened immune system, so this program will benefit in many ways.

Phase two is where the program really goes to work- getting rid of herpes. This phase is designed to destroy the protective coating that surrounds the herpes simplex virus. This will stop it from multiplying.

The last phase, Phase Three, will contain treatments to prevent the virus from returning. The system shows ways to eliminate toxins from your body. Boosting your immunity is an important step to staying healthy.

The best part of the system is you don't need additional pills or supplements. It is easy to follow and all natural.


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What to expect from this program.

When you have completed the 60 days of consistent use of the system, you can expect:

  • All symptoms of herpes to be completely relieved.
  • Your immune system has been restored. You will feel energized and have an end to headaches and fatigue.
  • No more scratching or itching, or other irritations.
  • Expect to never contract the herpes virus again.

The Ultimate Herpes Control is for anyone suffering from herpes. It is a digital product, available to anyone with internet access. Formatted as an ebook, it is easy to download as a PDF file.

The ebook will be divided into sections that will target the three different angles. It will reveal the natural foods that kill the virus. These foods will enable your immune system to halt the growth of viral cells.

What are the pros and cons to using this program?

There are a lot of benefits to gain from using this program:

  • Anyone suffering from either genital or oral herpes can be helped.
  • A holistic approach is used to target the infection from three different angles. This provides permanent and optimal relief.
  • With over 7,500 satisfied users, this technique has proven it is successful.
  • It is completely safe from side effects as it uses a completely natural approach. This sets it in a league of its own, as no other treatment offers this.

As with most products, there are always some concerns. Here are a couple that were found:

  • The cure is not instant. A person does have to put some time into it. This may discourage some who lack patience.
  • Pregnant women may not be suitable for this program. It is suggested to wait until the baby is born to begin treatment.

Will this program work?

A large number of people suffer from this awful disease around the world. Symptoms do not present themselves right away, so most times people do not even know they have been infected. This means they will have the virus a long time before they seek treatment.

This system will offer a way to identify symptoms early. If you should think you have been infected, even if no break-out has occurred, use this system to find out right away. Over 7,500 sufferers have banned the virus permanently.

They will never suffer from the sores again. It is simple and costing less than a buck a day, inexpensive. So, if you are embarrassed when a symptom occurs, anxious about them returning, or feeling helpless and sad that you have this virus- take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee to try it.

If it does not work for you, the money will be refunded. The program is wholly natural, home-based, and highly recommended to all who suffer from the herpes virus.