What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition in which the melanocytes cells (the cells that make color or pigment in the skin), become broken down, and destroyed, resulting in white patches appearing on the skin. Affected also by the disease is the soft tissue inside of the mouth and nose (the mucous membrane).

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease that affects one to two million people in the United States alone. Most of the people affected by the disease will develop it before turning 40. The disease is not associated with any particular race or gender.


The white patches from the disease can appear in areas on the skin such as:

  • The armpits
  • The areas where the leg meets the body (the groin area)
  • The around the mouth
  • The eyes
  • The nostrils
  • The naval
  • The genitals

Traditional Vitiligo Treatments:

There are several treatments for the condition that may help to make the skin appear more even. The condition vitiligo has been traditionally treated with or by:

  • Oral medicines
  • Steroid creams
  • Ultraviolet light treatments
  • Removal of color from other areas of the skin to create a more even skin tone
  • Skin grafts
  • Tattooing
  • Sunscreens
  • Cosmetics

Alternative Treatment:

Breaking away from traditional treatments for vitiligo Michael Dawson has developed a guide called “Natural Vitiligo Treatment System”. Dawson’s can support his claim of being an expert in the filed of vitiligo by the facts that he is first a renowned skin specialist, and secondly he suffers from the disease as well.

Combining both of these factors together gives Dawson a unique insight into the disease.

Yet the question remains to whether Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment works. Following is some pertinent information concerning Michael Dawson’s system.

Dawson’s System Claims:

One of the most important claims laid to Dawson’s system is that his system has no side effects like other forms of treatment for the disease. Dawson claims that users of his system will “find natural and effective solutions “ that will bring an end to the skin problems caused by the disease.

Dawson has said his system has identified the root causes of vitiligo, allowing treatment of more than just the surface effects of the disease (the white patches on the skin). Dawson’s has said his system is a “proper course of treatment to cure” the disease “in a natural and permanent way”.

Dawson puts equal emphasis on his system being both a natural and permanent cure that will assure users of his system that the pigmentation disorder will disappear and won’t come back.

Dawson points out that some treatments like phototherapy, and oral psolaren have high cancer risk that are not associated with his treatment.

Natural Vitiligo Treatment System

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What Exactly is Dawson’s System?

Dawson’s system is a health guide designed to help suffers from vitiligo to better understand the disease and how they can treat and cure the disease without the dangers associated with traditional treatments.

Inside of the guide teaches readers what makes the skin condition worse, and the difference between just hiding the skin condition, compared to actually treating, and eventually curing the condition.

The system utilizes vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, and supplements for treatment of the disease. The structured of the system revolves around the belief that the body can cure its self if given the right nutrients.

Because the body needs certain foods to cure its self, Dawson’s system focuses on giving the body what it needs through a controlled diet.

The Pros of Dawson’s System:

One of the immediate pros that stand out concerning Dawson’s system is the price. Compared to other treatments for the disease the price for Dawson’s book is minimal. Other pros are:

  • Dawson offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee that his system will work for suffers of vitiligo.
  • There are no side effects from using Dawson’s system.
  • Dawson’s unique insight from being both a skin specialist, and suffer of the disease.
  • The diet used by Dawson’s system will help to boost the immune system.
  • Dawson’s system encourages healthy dietary habits.
  • Easy to follow techniques.
  • Dawson’s system is scientifically proven safe.
  • Highly praised by some users of the system.

The Cons of Dawson’s System:

While Dawson’s unique credentials of being both a skin specialist, and a suffer from vitiligo does help to add credibility to his claim that his system is a cure for the disease, many in the medical community, still believe that there is no current cure for vitiligo.

Health care professionals have said that any results from natural treatments of the disease will be minimal, and temporary at best. Other cons of Dawson’s System are:

  • The system does not provide immediate results.
  • The system will only work if the user is fully committed to it. Missing even one step of the treatment can cause the system not to work.
  • Some readers of the information in the system have found the information is repetitive and heavy with jargon at times.


While the medical community may go back and forth over whether there is an actual cure for the disease vitiligo or not, Dawson’s system has produced satisfactory results for thousands of suffers of the disease.

For some the skin condition lowers their self-esteem to the point that treatment of the disease is necessary. For others the skin conditions has no negative effects on their esteem or health, and treatment of the condition is not high priority for them.

Considering the high cost, and serious health risk associated with some traditional treatments for the disease Dawson’s system (with a money back guarantee) does not seem a bad choice. Add in the positive affects of healthier eating habits that come from using Dawson’s system and the Dawson’s system seems an even better value.

In the end while vitiligo might be uncomfortable for suffers, it does not pose a serious health risk. Suffers that content with their appearance and have no issues dealing with the other effects that might be associated with the condition can still reap benefits from using Dawson’s system.

For those that are suffering from esteem issues as a result of the condition, health care professionals have suggested that those suffers seek help from a mental health specialist as part of any treatment sought for the condition.