An attractive and natural bronze color skin is what most people seek. The failed promises of the various products guaranteeing the desired results have consistently come up short.

Nevertheless, Idol Tan is a product that has proved to be advantageous in every angle. Despite the few drawbacks, there are positive expectations one should look up to when using it.


What is Idol Tan all about?

Idol Tan is among the is most recommended skin tanning products available on the market. One can apply it around the house instead of dealing with tanning beds or spray beds.

In many ways, its advantages have surpassed its drawbacks and this has significantly contributed to its popularity in the market.

Idol Tan is designed to guarantee a sunless tan. 1.3 million cases of skin cancer were diagnosed last year due to people endangering themselves by staying longer in the sun.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the potential health risk involved in outdoor tanning. Talk about getting a safe tan from a bottle.

Idol Tan is set to give you that bronze color and not that unattractive orange look’ people detest. For a safer tan that is above the rest in terms of safety, there is really one way to go and this Idol Tan.

Idol tan works on a time interval with its continued application to give the user a more natural look. It is made by high quality ingredients for the benefit of its target customers. As such, this is a clear indication that one should not shy off from trying it.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The way Idol Tan works is based on its active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). In the past, DHA was only good for X-rays and it was discovered that it can darken most of the regions that it touches.

Upon further scientific research, the ability was confirmed to be true. The research revealed that dihydroxyacetone can respond to amino acids in the epidermis which contain the keratin layer. The reaction between the amino acids and DHA produces a coloration that can either be brown or yellow.

The good thing about the reaction is that it only penetrates to the outer part of the skin, which is the first layer. This is a layer that is mainly composed of dead skins.

The inability of DHA not to penetrate more enables products that are based on it to be produced without posing any potential health risk to the skin. A good example of such products is the like Idol Tan.

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What Are The Ingredients?

Instead of being overly technical about this product, analyzing its major components is even better and can help users to understand it better.

The key ingredients of this product include DHA and aloe Vera. It is important to know that DHA originated from the sugarcane. It is also certified with FDA since 1973 for security purposes.

It is specifically processed to a formulation that gives you the most natural looking tan without showering with sun. In addition to this, the ingredient is water based meaning that unlike other tanning products which leave the skin dry, it leaves the skin moisturized.

It smells good and without being too elaborated or unbearable. DHA neither causes skin pigmentation nor is there contact with ultra violet rays.

Aloe vera is widely known for its extra gentle care for the skin and its ability to soothe it. It facilitates a moisturized feeling and also calms the body. Increasingly promoting the healthy natural look that all prefer.

List of pros

  • It is easy to use time and time again.
  • In most instances the product lasts up to a week.
  • The results are very quick and can be seen within an hour.
  • It’s effective in that it does not leave an orange color.
  • It contains DHA an essential ingredient in many tanning products.
  • It is water based to keep the skin moisturized.
  • It is available in cream, lotion, foam and spray form.
  • It is absolutely free to try it.
  • Has a pleasant citrus aroma.
  • Provides an amiable brown color tone.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The good thing about Idol Tan is that the DHA only reacts with amino acids found on the outer side of the human skin. Rightly so, this tends to make the skin dark, but it does not cause any harm to the inner layers of the skin.

Idol Tan hands its users a natural appearance and the tan also lasts longer. This is the reason why it is considered as a safe and natural product that yields effective results.

Where to buy It? Amazon, Walmart or GNC

Absolute surety of a product is the most imperative objective to a buyer. Thus, the best place to buy Idol Tan is from its official website whereby the seller is trusted, in mind that whatever you are buying is the real deal.

This particular product may be found in other diverse website but the legitimacy of the product may be put into question. The additional benefit of buying from the official website one can get a free bottle by choosing packages that with this offer.

Not forgetting to mention that it will be delivered to you and charged onto your bank cards which is quite essential to many. One does not need to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve that desired hot looking tan. It gives you, real value for your money and skin.

The final verdict

Idol Tan is an impeccable product of its kind. The amazing results guaranteed within an hour are what make it to stand out among other competing products in the same niche.

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What of the amiable brown skin color that is moisturized by this product also. All this compacted inside a bottle without the potential risk of skin cancer that is brought by hours and hours of sun bathing. Lest you forget, the product works with completely no side effects.

No more deceive- looking orange or unevenly patterned skin. It assures that smoking hot bronze skin that makes one stand out in awe. It also makes that bronze skin look completely natural. Idol Tan is undeniably exceptional and it’s a must have.