Erase Herpes is an exciting eBook. In its first twelve sections, the book provides general herpes knowledge and also an extensive research mainly about the many types of herpes in the globe.

The book also states how it can be frequently confused with various conditions. An appropriate nutritional intake for managing herpes and a diet that triggers it is also well stated in order for you to avoid them.


The author of the eBook

The program called “Erase Herpes” is a society driven program developed by Dr. Christine Buehler. This is a comprehensive guidebook; it’s filled with some of the most incalculably efficacious and certain manageable treatment approaches available.

The treatment is one of the most satisfying and considerable for all varieties of herpes, including genital herpes, oral herpes, herpes type 2 and herpes type 1.

Dr. Christine Buehler is a qualified doctor and a graduate from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Springfield). She is well recognized by the American Board of Pediatrics. The physician is an experienced and hardworking clinical researcher who once contacted herpes.

Dr. Buehler diligently worked together with her former professor, Dr. Languin, to create an innovation or supplement management program that can greatly boost the immune system while fight the herpes virus.

This platform is one of the most recent of breakthroughs that is scientifically proven to remove and destroy the Herpes Virus.

Features of the eBook

Many people around the world spend a lot of money on herpes medications and also on creams that categorically show no positive outcomes in the clearing of the herpes outbreak and in preventing any kind of recurrence.

Dr. Buehler, who was a victim, had been through all possible circumstances that herpes patients experience in their daily lives. The astonishing herpes treatment eBook contains the following features;

  • The eBook offers a very comprehensive list of natural treatment therapies to cure the disease.
  • It dissipates numerous myths associated with the Herpes Virus.
  • Explains various symptoms, signs, and mistakes that many physicians make during diagnosis.
  • Probes into a historic summary of all types of herpes and figures. The book describes what many people suffering from various strains of herpes don’t know and also the type of virus they have and how they end up using the wrong medications.
  • The book extensively offers a comprehensive list of natural therapies to treat the virus.
  • It provides the right diet and nutritional supplements for herpes victims. Dr. Buehler lists down the type of foods herpes sufferers need to eat specifically during and after the outbreaks. Some of the foods include egg, legumes, white meat, vegetables and turkey among other meals. Foods that need to be avoided include refined foods, chocolate, and alcohol nuts, while the foods that need to be taken reasonably including citrus fruit, oats, corn, and rice among others.
  • It contains details of all herpes triggers, how the infection can be appropriately diagnosed, the tips on how to greatly avoid any cross contaminations and also how to do away with the virus.

How it works

Christine personally experienced a painful and challenging herpes infection in her life. It is fundamental that who else could have envisioned one of the most effective solutions to such abysmal disease more than a herpes patient?

Her methods are on point as they combine certain natural therapies with different oral medications. Her oral medications are part of a proven treatment style that is not only affordable, but equally free of any kind of side-effects.


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All of her methods permanently eradicate the herpes virus from the victim’s body in an efficient and most effective way possible. There are no anti-viral drugs or any other medication that is able to attain the recommended cure for this infection.

The therapies tend to work radiantly that absolutely No trace of the viral disease will remain in your body.

Once a patient is under this treatment, he will never experience the awful symptoms of burning sensation, blistering and itching caused by an outbreak. This treatment manual is neither wordy nor long like other online treatment procedures that are currently sold in the market.

The scripts provide readers with very simple, short yet useful and meaningful facts, including:

  • Why deficiency in some of the important element leaves us at the mercy of herpes.
  • How this scientifically based, proven process, sanctions your body to kill the herpes virus.
  • Reasons why this amazing herpes remedy has been deliberately and haredly covered up by various authorities.
  • How to swiftly sensor Herpes rash by using another incredible and cheap substance.
  • The reason why these simple and cheap methods are so effective against herpes simplex virus.
  • What herpes is, understanding this helps you understand how possible and easy it is to stop an outbreak.
  • Very easy, simple and detailed list of herpes relief methods.

Pros and Cons

The eBook is under the company name “Erase-Herpes HSV Eraser”. The first 12 units of the book provide general herpes research and knowledge.

This includes different types of herpes, how it is easily confused with other conditions and diseases, suitable diet for managing herpes and other triggers that you need to avoid. The following are pros or advantages of the book.

  • It improves the functioning of the immune system.
  • Has no side effect, since it is entirely natural.
  • The book is a very simple and easy to understand guide.
  • It removes the HSV forever.
  • Since it uses natural methods only, it is completely safe.
  • It can be used by virtually anyone.
  • The process flush-out toxins from your body.

The following are some of the eBooks’ cons or disadvantages

  • It will take a few days or weeks to completely get rid of the virus; the process is not immediate.
  • The book is only available in the digital eBook format.


Herpes is not very new to people. In fact, the virus has been around for about two thousand years. In the 18th century, the disease was common among prostitutes and was known as “a vocational disease among women”.

From the history books, it's said and written that kissing was forbidden in Rome by the then Emperor Tiberius.

The eBook holds several pages containing effective testing methods. The book renders all inclusive details about nutriments well suited for those patients ailing from herpes.

I, therefore, recommend you to read this eBook because so many individuals had cold sores and symptoms, but after applying the procedures, a lot of them have already relieved themselves from this upsetting problem. Remember that everyone deserves to live a herpes-free and natural life.