Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Reviews

The 21st century has seen many women especially those aged 18-40 struggling with weight and body oversize issues.

This may be attributed to the fact that most of them are not observing their diet or simply they are not having the right diet advice.

More so many women have been turning to supplements in order to deal with the issue. According to recent research conducted by WHO (World Health Organization) majority of women struggling with the issue are majorly from Europe and America however there has also been an increases in number from the sub-Saharan countries.

To help address this issue Zoe Bray-Cotton has developed a new natural weigh loose challenge known as the Yoga BURN BOOTY challenge which is aimed at helping women recover their sexy, tighter and body shape back.


Yoga burn booty challenge program is basically a 12 week program which was designed under special sequencing Yoga programs and whose aim was to help women lose weight and regain their booty back without necessarily visiting the gym.

The challenge comes with special programs where the participants can undertake them anywhere even at the comfort of their homes.

One of the most amazing facts about the yoga burn booty program is the fact that for the 12 weeks participants take on different continuous exercise which are aimed at working on different parts of the body.

Moreover this program is available online hence all that is needed is for one to download or stream the exercise live as they undertake the practice.

It is anticipated that by the end of the 12 weeks, those participating in the challenge will have gotten lean and there their body toned down.

The beauty about it is the fact that one gets to watch Zoe Bray-Cotton perform the same activities hence drawing a lot of inspiration to those involved.


Zoe Bray-Cotton is the person behind the creation of Yoga Burn Booty challenge. Under his inspiration and guidance, Zoe has developed a 12 week exercise program which is aimed at helping women in losing weight.

In his design, he aimed not to repeat an exercise and this is targeted at making the yoga burn booty challenge interesting as one moves on.

Furthermore to ensure that the program is beneficial, he designed them in a manner that as one begin the workout it is much easier but as it progress on, it becomes tougher and tougher which means the participants gains each and every day.


Once one enrolls for the program, participants gets supportive programs which come in video and audio versions.

These are aimed at helping you access the whole version of the programs and also they are aimed at ensuring that one is doing the right thing. The audio versions of the programs are aimed at providing outdoor excise.


The yoga burn booty challenge comprises majorly of three phases which total up 12 week out sessions. The
phases are aimed at ensuring that the individual works out all parts of the body for better results.

The phases include;

Foundation Flow/prime phase: This is basically a foundation stage which introduces one to the yoga burn booty challenge. The programs under this phase aims to give the participant proper flexibility and energy.

Undergoing this phase helps one to shade off unwanted fats while working on your problem areas. It is this stage which prepares one for the next stage.

Transitional/activate phase: under this phase one gets to learn and understand new workout poses while also exercising to tone the muscles. It is important to note that this phase helps one to achieve quick and better results.

More so this phase has mood boosting sessions which are aimed at providing motivation and basic guidance that one requires to keep on with the program as it becomes tougher.

It is this phase that much emphasis is placed on since it helps one regain her booty and her sexy body back.

Mastery/pump phase: This is the last phase of the yoga burn booty challenge. It is advisable for those who have completed the second phase to get to this phase since it allows for the results of transitional phase to manifest.

Moreover it comes with special teachings on how one can be able to boost her energy levels, mood and health during and even after the workouts.

It is at this stage where the challenge aims to get your whole body into shape through maximizing on your overall health.


Yoga burn booty challenge is not a scam but rather a realty. It is a program that has been embraced across the world and it is yielding results. Hence it offers value for the customer’s money.


  1. The challenge is bases on 100% natural workout ways of losing weight.
  2. Zoe Bray who is the designer of the challenge assures the participants of the required results in a span of 12 weeks.
  3. The activities within the challenge are natural hence health for the body.
  4. it is cheap compared to visiting the gym and using supplements
  5. The challenge is rated one of the best across the world and this is evidenced from the number of recommendation it has received across the world.
  6. With the instructional material one can undertake the excise at the comfort of their homes.
  7. Through the tutorial videos and audios, one gets guidance from the creator of the programs hence this helps in boosting the moral of the participant.
  8. The challenge guarantees 100% money return in case it fails to achieve its purpose
  9. It does not need a fixed routine hence assuring of flexibility.


This challenge is fit for all women age 18-65.


For women willing and wishing to get their size, sexy body back this product is 100% working and it has no regrets at all. Since it takes one through different phase’s hence eliminating unnecessary boredom and even tiredness.


This challenge is recommended for those women who are losing their body shape and are unable to control it. More so women who have given birth since it helps them shade of unnecessary weight and fats within their body system.

Aged women of 65 yrs. are advised since it helps keep them fit and healthy from cardiac and other diseases associated with age.

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