Kollagen Intensiv is a product that promises ageless skin via the renewal of your body collagen in just eighty four days. The product is marketed as an anti aging nourisher and moisturizer that basically works along with your body’s natural production and creation of collagen, an important and necessary protein which permits the natural restoration of your skin to occur at a very high rate.


They allege that the look of wrinkles will reduce up to three hundred and fifty four percent. Kollagen Intensiv has been manufactured with a formulation that increases the appearance of your skin elasticity which happens to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines whilst retaining moisture of your skin on a cellular-level which leads to a much younger looking face by reducing the appearance of deep lines, fine lines and those irritating wrinkles.

They also claim that Kollagen Intensiv promises to repair those damages that are caused by overexposure to the rays of the sun and those darker looking spots on your skin that are due to natural-aging.

How does it work? Is it a scam?

Kollagen Intensiv features a peptide referred to as SYN-COLL which is non viscous, clear liquid that is soluble in water.

This synthetic peptide is manufactured by Pentapharm and is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural-mechanism to create and produce more collagen. In a clinical testing, SYN-COLL has shown to improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Pentapharm recommends a one to three percent concentration of SYN-COLL. This product appears to include two per cent SYN-COLL.

Kollagen Intensiv is clinically tested and it’s proven to be safe and effective and it help stimulate collagen synthesis. It also has skin firming and moisturizing properties.

It appears that Kollagen product is a genuine product and any suggestion or claim that the product is scam is not true…. The scam appears to be attached or related to its trial offer product.

The trial offer happens to encourage you to do or try Kollagen for thirty days with no money-down for the product & a small shipping cost of $ 4.95.

If you so decide to maintain your Kollagen intensive buy, you’ll be charged $ 99.95 every two month. The terms and conditions are stated clearly before entering any of your payment information.

What are the ingredients?

Kollagen intensive has ingredients that set it apart from other wrinkle-creams that are found in the market.

The manufacturer of Kollagen found an awesome way of incorporating a revolutionary peptide that work effectively and efficiently in skin care. Here are the ingredients that assist Kollagen intensive to become and work effective:


SYN-COLL- SYN-COLL has produced better results when compared to a ten percent of matrixyl. The benefits are numerous including reduced look of wrinkles and fine lines, skin toning, skin firming, collagen stimulation as well as moisturizing of your face.

Cyclopentasiloxane-This ingredient helps improve the tone of your skin by quickly plumping your cells hence filling out the fine lines. The result that follows is certainly instant, supplying skin and pores an instantaneously younger appearance.

Shea butter- Is definitely an ingredient which safeguards skin and pores from your environs and smoothes and softens affected skin.

This ingredient is customarily used in the African content to help safeguard your skin from severe sunlight and weather, since it contain an element that function as a sun or heat screening solution.

Green tea leaf extract-is definitely a beneficial anti oxidant that could be well thought-out to cease one-of-many problems within your skin.

Hydrolyzed hibiscus esculentus extract- The hibiscus extract helps prevent tiny muscle spasms that normally trigger wrinkles and pressure your skin.

Cucumber fruit extract-It possesses an inflammatory impact and is made up of tightening chemicals that are organic in nature.

Oat Kernel extract- It makes your skin looks at its finest by calming inflamed skin.

Vitamin C- is an important anti dioxidant that helps fight free radicals, promotes healthier skin, and plays an imperative role in generation of new collagen.

Retinol-Vitamin A and Retinol are two powerful anti dioxidants that function to reverse any damage that is caused to your skin by radicals and protect it from any future damage.

It can also increase the elasticity and firmness of your skin whilst promoting collagen generation to heal wrinkles and lines.

What are the pros?

These are the advantages listed in Kollagen intensive:

  • It can repair skin that is damaged by sun
  • It can increase the production of collagen
  • Lessen the look of deepest lines and wrinkles
  • Firms and tones the skin giving-it a younger look
  • Serves as a moisturizer
  • Kollagen intensive has a free one night shipment and a ninety day free trial.

Does it have any side effects?

The answer is yes & no. Kollagen intensive has undergone extensive tests and clinical trials to ensure maximum and effective results and also to minimize any side effects that are associated with using artificial (usually strong) ingredients such as itching, feeling of tightness, greasiness and flakey skin.

As I have mentioned earlier in this article, Kollagen is made up of almost entirely natural ingredients with a low risk of generating negative side effects (so you should not be worried).

However if you happen to have a sensitive type of skin, at first you might come across some of these effects. It all depends on individual skin type and may be how your skin reacts-to-certain ingredients that are found in the kollagen Intensive.

Generally Kollagen product is a natural option and very safe and does not cause any problems or side effects, unless you have a very sensitive skin or your skin has a history of-being-intolerant to certain ingredients. Thus, always make sure you know the very ingredients before using Kollen intensive to avoid chances of developing adverse skin reactions.

Where to buy it with best price?


The most secure and best place to buy Kollagen is from its official website….why? Because they’re the real maker so they have the best and affordable price. They also offer some discount of up to forty seven percent for some packages.

By buying Kollagen Intensiv from its official website you’ll get original cream and not some fake product made by some bogus manufacturer.