Get Rid Of Herpes is a program written as a simple guidebook; that is said to rid one of Herpes within 30 to 60 days, permanently. This program has been extremely successful to those who use it and has permanently rid them of herpes.

Herpes is a virus that has always been known as permanent, and having no cure. It shows up as lesions on the skin that will build up with fluid, burst, then scab over.


The cycle of a herpes sore is extremely painful, and can even come in clusters in the sufferer, causing several sores in one area, which are extremely painful.

The Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 is one of the diseases that's treated with this program. Sarah's book will explain the science behind the treatment and prove why it works, as well as how to permanently rid yourself of the virus.

It's recommended that no further medication, prescription or otherwise to treat herpes is taken, as it builds up toxic material in the body, that can later have some after effects that become acute.

By ridding your body of the medications taken for this disease, you can begin to work towards a permanent solution, using the information in this book.

Who Is The Author Or Creator?

Sarah Wilcox created this program, which comes in the form of a book that is easy to read and easy to follow. Sarah suffered from Herpes outbreaks personally, and after two years of having the disease, she created a program that uses natural remedies to rid permanently, the Herpes outbreaks.

She now shares her knowledge and information about the natural remedies that she used to treat and get rid of her own Herpes, with others. She has easily laid out a step-by-step plan that does not take hours to implement, but can be quickly put into action, so you can begin to see results.

The book is downloadable online for a suggested price that may vary depending on where you buy it.

What Is Included In The Program?

The program is simply a book that comes in the form of an e-book. Once a book is purchased, you can go through the program. You must obtain the natural ingredients on your own.

Nothing that is suggested to be used in the book, as a treatment, comes with the purchase of the e-book. So understand that you must go out on your own and purchase each product separately, in order for the program to be effective.

How Does It Work?

Get Rid Of Herpes is a treatment based on science, and it helps to knock down the viral pathogens causing a recurrence of the Herpes virus, permanently ridding the person of the disease. The person suffering from the disease must quit taking medications, this will begin the process of curing it.

Sarah notes that taking medications always have some bad side effects, and may help the disease initially. If one quits taking the medications, the pain from Herpes can be even more intense than before.

Sarah discourages those suffering from Herpes to continue using any medications, and instead use her natural remedy. Once you stop taking the medications, implement her step-by-step program that calls for natural ingredients to be used as a cure.

One method that is used in the book to help curtail Herpes breakouts is a change in diet. Sarah writes in the book that what you eat can have an effect on your outbreaks, so a diets high in amino acids, has been discouraged. Foods such as chocolate, berries, nuts and more, can fuel outbreaks, so those following this program may have to avoid them.

By following the program, word for word, it will lead to diminishing outbreaks, as well as their side effects. Since all the ingredients are natural, these are not only expected to work, but also will leave you feeling better than you would feel by taking medications with bad side effects.

This program targets and is meant to cure all types of Herpes. There are four different kinds of Herpes.


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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Anyone suffering from the following types of herpes will benefit from this product, Oral Herpes, Genital Herpes, HSV-1, and HSV-2. As long as you suffer from outbreaks from the disease, even if you're currently taking medication, you can benefit from this product.

Medication tends only to suppress the disease, but cannot cure it. This program offers a cure that's completely natural, and can last for a lifetime, as opposed to temporary results seen by taking medication.


  • Permanent cure for Herpes
  • Cures all types of Herpes
  • Is all-natural
  • Has a proven scientific approach to curing Herpes
  • Has proven results that are undeniable
  • Is cheaper and healthier than taking medications
  • Will give you back your freedom in your personal life


  • Program is not free
  • Requires a lot of reading
  • Requires following the program step-by-step
  • May require diet change
  • May require lifestyle change

Does The Product Work?

It's unlikely Sarah has taken time out, to put her personal information out there about her suffering from the Herpes virus. It's obvious this product works. As long as the book is followed as it's written, step-by-step, there is no reason that any person following the program shouldn't see results.

Since Sarah herself was the guinea pig for this scientific method of curing the disease, it makes for a convincing sell. Though everybody is different, you can't disagree with those who have had success from the program, including Sarah herself.

The users of this product have seen a decline in the outbreaks or a cure from this disease, in less than one month.


This product can be very helpful to those looking to get rid of the symptoms of Herpes. The only problem is; it's calling the book a cure, when it's more of a suppressor.

Even if it suppresses the disease for the rest of your life, it's still technically not a cure. It is better than taking medications, which tend to make you sicker than the disease itself at times.

For those looking for a natural cure or suppressor, this is a highly recommended book that was written by someone who suffered from the same disease.