The oil that we use matter a lot because oil is one of the most regularly used food additive. Almost all the foods that are prepared need oil to be cooked. It is a fact that there are some oils that are not good for the body.

Taking excess of these oils will affect your health adversely. In pursuit of the better oil to use, there are a number of myths that have been implanted into our minds that actually misdirect users.

One of the available oils in the market is the oil that is derived from Coconut that is extracted from nature and used without any contamination. There are many uses of the oil with a myriad of health benefits.

What's This Book All About?

The Coconut Oil Secret Healing book Super food is a book that takes you through various coconut oil recipes that will improve your life. It is not just about using the oil to prepare food but also applying the oil for various other uses. The book takes you through the secret healing power of coconut oil and how to use it at home.

Who Is The Author?

The book is authored by Jake Carney who is also the founder of alternative daily. Alternative daily is a platform that informs and encourages people to make healthier life choices. The company empowers people on the alternative health options that they can pursue for better life. The company hosts qualified researchers, writers, and health professionals who offer healthy solutions to people across the world.

What Is Included in This Book?

The book takes you through the unique quality of oil from coconut that has the effects of fighting disease casing microorganisms with a full documented list of parasites, infection, and viruses that the oil is known to neutralize.

It also guides the user on the various advantages of coconut oil other than using it for cooking. The book takes the user through how to apply the coconut oil for these various uses. Using the oil derived from coconut like other substances comes with dosage. Within the book, a complete dosage of using the oil is described based on the weight and for health purposes.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Coconut Oil Secret Healing book Super food is simply about the advantages of the coconut oil from various scopes. The coconut oil is the fuel for metabolism. By increasing the metabolic rate, it has been proven that one can control body weight. These issues are articulately described within the book with scientific proof.

The book also shows other advantages of coconut oil such as improving thyroid health, improving and beautifying the skin, protecting the brain, detoxification, and promoting health. All these assertions are supported by scientific proof and health professionals.

These ideas are not new but they have been in use for many years back. The book documents the appropriate uses of the oil for these purposes. It is therefore not a scam because there are testimony to the effect and everything that is asserted is supported by reliable scientific proof.

List of Pros

  • The Coconut Oil Secret Healing book Super food is one package with multiple solutions. You get to buy one book that takes you through a myriad of health benefits within the same package.
  • The book takes you through natural approaches to improving health. You get a chance to enjoy healthy living by taking care of your body through natural and nontoxic methods as described in the book.
  • The book is cost effective. Instead of having the book in hardcover that would have increased its cost, you get a chance to enjoy the soft copy that is affordable and easy to carry. You can transfer a copy on any device that can read a pdf material.
  • The book is simply written and easy to understand. The English used in the book is simple and understandable to read. The book has clear pictures that make it easy to understand and follow through the instruction.
  • The book gives you every information that you need to know about the secret of coconut oil for whichever use that you need. You get the dosage instruction, how to prepare, the various cures and uses of the oil and you get to know more about the oil.
  • The book brings together the minds of researchers, experience users, good writers, and health professionals into bringing up a comprehensive material on how to live healthy. You can use a guide always.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For This Book?

This book is for everyone who can read and desires a good health. You do not have to be suffering from any disease or condition to get yourself a copy. The book is also suitable for families that want to protect their members from any health risks. It is a good book for people who are living at this present day and time when healthy foods are hard to get and the number of lifestyle diseases is in increase.

Does The Product Work?

The product works. It is simple how the product works and the science behind its effectiveness is enough proof that the product is genuine. The product was used in the earlier days and was effective in its various applications until bogus research discredited it in the interest of commercial oil manufacturers.

The book brings out the once popular product that was known for immense benefit to use. The book dispels the myth and puts the real science into practice to testify the effectiveness and health benefits of the oil. There is evidence of people who have benefited from the oil.


This is a book that anyone who desires beauty, good health, and a happy life should buy. It is the most affordable and natural way to get a good life. The benefits are endless since you get a myriad of uses of one particular product contained within one manual. The book is the bible to healthy living that should not just be acquired but put into use.