Boost your bust is a book by Jenny Bolt in which she gives out tips on how you can increase the size of your breast through natural techniques.

In this 57-page guide, Jenny explains the natural ways she used to enlarge her breast. By reading this book, you will know how breasts grow and which techniques you can use to make them grow big naturally.


Who is the author?

As mentioned above, this is a creation of Jenny Bolton. Jenny researched thoroughly on how estrogen hormone can be naturally increased in the body.

Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for menstrual cycle and the growth of the breasts. She used these strategies on herself, and by the end of six weeks, she was able to move from cup A to cup C size.

What is included in the program?

This 57-page manual has seven chapters. Below is a general overview of what is contained in these seven chapters.

Chapter one: your breasts and how they can grow.

Here you will find out what breasts are and how they grow. You will find out how the growth hormone and estrogen will play part in enlarging the size of your breasts. Growth of breasts and menstrual cycle is usually activated by this female hormone.

The level of Estrogen hormone is usually high during the puberty stage of a woman, so after 16 years, it drops. This is where Boost your Bust comes in so as to increase the level of estrogen for continuous increase in the breast size.

Chapter two: how breasts enlarge naturally.

In this chapter, you will find out which other hormones, together with estrogen, help in breast enlargement and how. Comprehending how natural breast enlargement works helps you to know which diet fits your body for this purpose.

Chapter three- cheat sheet that makes your breast appear bigger.

Chapter three teaches you on the tricks and techniques which make your bust look bigger. It tells you which clothing tricks to use to make them appear bigger, which exercises to do to boost breasts and how to correct the posture of your breasts.

Jenny encourages on wearing padded bras as they uplift the breasts making them seem bigger. She also tells you how you can have bigger breasts even in that swimming costume.

She goes ahead and explains four exercises which can increase the size of the breasts. She teaches you on the posture to employ so that your breasts can look two times as big as they are.

Chapter four: the groundwork.

It talks about plants and herbs that can hike up the levels of estrogen in the body. You will also find out how the herbs can be applied on the breast with warm water to enlarge them.


Chapter five: personal routine for enlarging breasts.

Jenny shares her story here. Step by step, she explains how she used natural techniques including herbs and plants to boost her bust.

Chapter six: making sure that the results are everlasting.

Boost your bust teaches you on how to keep the breast size increasing. These natural techniques are not like most breast enlargement creams and pills which have temporal effect. Boost your Bust promises you a permanent effect.

Chapter seven: the diet for enhancing the results.

Since diet is a very crucial part of our bodies, this chapter outlines the diet and the ingredients you should take to keep the results permanent. Find out the five ingredients Jenny gives you to enlarge your boosts here.

Boost your Bust comes along with some bonuses which come handy in your journey of enlarging your breasts. You will find yoga basic plus, how you can prevent stretch marks on the breasts and some techniques on how you can take care of your hair.

How does the system work?

The details given in this book help you in the journey of having bigger breast. To begin with, it gives you 10 bra-busting foods to grow your breast and growth recipes to help you prepare these bra-busting foods.

The breast massage tips in this book will also help in increasing your breasts. There are breasts exercises that are given in this book, try them with the bra busting foods and the massage and you will witness how this book can really work.

Who is the eBook for?

Boost Your Bust is ideal for all women. The techniques are right for any woman who is interested in enlarging her breast, regardless of her age.

Anyone woman who wants to boost her confidence and walk with her bust high is just the right candidate for this book. Any woman who wants to boost her breast but is so cautious when it comes to artificial techniques such as surgeries and creams, then Boost Your Bust is the right magic for you.


  • With the tips in this book, you can increase your breast size from cup A to cup C in a period of just six weeks.
  • With enlarged breast, your confidence is boosted and you can walk with your bust high.
  • As time goes by, you will say good bye to the padded bras, all you will need is your boosted bust to step out.
  • The foods and exercises for this program are good for your general health, not just for breast enlargement.
  • Once you buy the book online, you will be able to access it instantly.
  • You will enlarge your breast naturally, no surgeries, no dangerous chemicals.
  • You will look attractive, and so your boyfriend or your husband will take pride in saying that you belong to him! What else would you be looking for other than this?


  • Seriousness is emphasized in this program. If you really want to get the desired results, then you have to ensure that you continuously adhere to the guidelines. Otherwise, it will not work for you.

Does this program work?

Yes, it works. It already worked for Jenny herself. A great percentage of the people who have used it are giving positive reviews.

Generally, they have seen their breast grow from cup A to Cup C in the first one month and two weeks. Their image and confidence has been restored!



Reading this book guarantees you a wide range of advantages. The book sells at a reasonable price. $47 cannot be compared with the beneficial tips you obtain from it.

It is invaluable and rich with many benefits which you cannot afford to miss. Grab a copy for you and for your sister, you will both give a positive testimony of beautiful and boosted busts.