Throughout the century, every skin product line has had its own alternative solutions for acne, from herbal products to laser treatments. Researchers are quite certain that acne is caused by bacteria that tend to grow under the skin surface by feeding on oil glands and dirt surrounding it.

Analysis has also revealed that hormonal imbalance is the main cause of acne bacteria to grow in the first place. Yet, little efforts have been made by medical industry in curing this condition by clearing it from the inside.


About Acne No More

It is a humbling experience to thoughtfully examine Acne No More, an acne treatment eBook written by Mike Walden. Here, the author explains the real reason for acne and comes up with a variety of secret tips and tools that are efficient to get rid of it.

Certainly, his approach to treat acne is as subtle and simple as a rainbow. In essence, this book covers the following topics:

  • Diet
  • Cleansing
  • Weight-loss strategies
  • Stress reduction

Treating Acne Internally

Unfortunately, today, every teenager is taught to dab chemicals on skin at the sight of a zit. Of course, this is not to say that acne medications containing Benzoyl peroxide or Salicyclic acid doesn't decrease the amount of oil on the skin surface. They do, but to some extent.

The real trick, the time-honored treatment of treating the acne internally is the best possible treatment for the most common skin problem that our society now faces, according to the author, and he seems to make sense.

The idea behind this acne-related eBook is to treat acne through natural ways. This include taking vitamin supplements, dieting, weight loss through exercise and much else.

It is worth noting that this book doesn't mention or recommend treatment of acne through topical medications such as acne ointments and gels, but rather focuses on the idea of cleansing the body from within.

However, studies and surveys indicate that many forms of topical gels are exceptionally effective at reducing oil that plague much of the acne sufferers. So, this book is overlooking the obvious: certain soaps and topical gels can have a powerful positive impact upon the skin pores and inflammation caused by bacteria.

Therefore, this particular medical information from the book needs to be evaluated objectively, using the best research available.

Cleansing the Body

Essentially, the purpose of the book is to evaluate the most common forms of acne and its internal treatments based on the scientific research of hormone imbalance, diet and overall lifestyle.

It sheds light upon what works, what doesn't work, and how does it work. As the debate rages on, the author remains in the midst of this often overlooked skin problem that causes skin irritation, pain, low self-esteem, even suicidal thoughts.

Compounding this dire situation is the fact that 2 in 3 people suffer from this condition at some point in their life. So, the emphasis throughout is predominantly on how the treatment works from within for anyone with acne.

For a moment, consider cleansing now being supported by decades of research from medical industry. This method has been acknowledged by many physicians around the world. It has the documented effect of reducing symptoms of many forms of illness, such as stomach aches, constipation, ulcers and so on.

Cleansing also improves mental functions, weight loss, sleep and extends life expectancy. In that case, there is no doubt that cleansing will work for acne as well which the author is trying to prove.

The book focuses awareness of lifestyle changes and turns attention to internal stimuli. Because it can be done anywhere, by people of any age and physical ability, it is an attractive treatment program that costs little to zero.

Those people who have undergone this treatment have reported reduction in acne, mood enhancements and physiological changes similar to those produced by exercise, according to their testimonials.

Cleansing the body is uniquely beneficial because it has little to no side effects. Moreover, well-designed research seems to be affirming that cleansing the body as a form of treatment for obese people with acne, may prove a valuable part of weight loss program both for preventing acne as well as maintaining fitness.


Diet and Exercise

Another concept that this book focuses on is plant-based dieting. The author suggests people to eat less and starve themselves reasonably. Believe it or not, decreasing caloric intake will substantially decrease the amount of oil produced on the skin, thus starving the acne bacteria.

However, claims that the author make through this book are fraught with controversy as predicted in the diet industry. Currently, many people are calling into question the impact of dieting as explained in this eBook.

Nevertheless, paying attention to the obvious task of eating healthy food is another way to prevent acne formation and the author is spot-on. Equally indicative of the importance of dieting is the fact that these foods are derived from plants and legumes.

And plant-based diet derives much of its impact from restoring the body's natural state of hormonal balance. In essence, eating a plant based diet as suggested by this book provides high levels of nutrients which are essential to balance hormones.

Not only that, these foods protect against other health conditions, stabilize sugar levels, increase stool volume, clean intestines and keep the body in top condition.

One more component of this acne-related book is juice cleanse. Fruits and vegetable juices are rich in substances some of which act as antioxidants protecting the skin against free radicals. This is a powerful argument for the use of juice rather than fat-rich food as mentioned in the book.

In addition to this, drinking fruit or vegetable juice plays a crucial role in the body, helping in the repair and maintenance of skin cells and tissues which has been proved by science.

Plant proteins improve the function of arteries, provide ample amount of nutrients to the skin and protect the skin from side-effects caused by dangerous chemicals as well.

Finally, the book has certain components mentioned in it that seem to be tried and valid. For example, the author suggests stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation to reduce acne.

These techniques can be used to successfully treat many other medical conditions and they respond well during acne treatment. The techniques are certain to be even more widely used for reducing acne in the future, for many reasons.

One reason is its cost-effectiveness. In fact, they are already reducing national expenditure on acne medicine. Furthermore, the techniques are gaining acceptance by the insurance industry due to zero side-effects.

Overall, below are the pros and cons of this product.


  • No side effects
  • Easy to obtain and follow
  • Cure based on body's natural immunity power
  • Cost-effectiveness


  • Lengthy Description
  • Lack of substantial evidence to prove some of the claims


Reflecting this increasing popularity, it is now safe to say that this book is everything an acne sufferer needs, simply because it is easy to follow and makes sense.